Color Theory Simplified. What's Most Important for Your Style.

Our approach to style relates back to the 7 elements of art (Color, Shape, Proportion, Line, Texture, Pattern and Scale).  Get a handle on color, shape and proportion and you've got style.  We have our style workshop tonight on color and I'd like to share a few points I consider very enlightening.

  • Learn your color temperature (warm or cool).  We can do this for you in a few minutes and give you a color card (free!).  Based on your skin, hair and eyes, you are warm toned (yellow undertones), cool toned (pink or blue undertones) or neutral. (very few are this, consider yourself lucky!)
  • Determine your color contrast.  This is based on your skin, hair, eyes, and teeth and determines the contrast level in clothing that looks best on you.  Mostly, you want to wear clothes that relate to your natural contrast level. 
  • Identify your best neutrals.  We all love black and grey, but some of us warmer toned "belles" look better in browns, green-grays and yellow-white.  Our cool toned "belles" look fabulous in black, bluish gray and white.
Shelley Scheerschmidt